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Candy Bar Graphing

Cynthia Morrison
5th Grade
Daves Creek Elementary School
Forsyth County Schools


In this task, students will collect and organize candy wrappers and create double bar graphs to display the data. This task can also introduce changing fractions into percents and then displaying the percentages using a circle graph.

Illustrative Task

Step 1:
You have a brown bag on your table with an assortment of chocolates. Each person should reach down into the bag without looking and remove three pieces of chocolate.

Step 2:
Using the table provided; record the information (using tallies) for your group.

Special DarkKrackelMr. GoodbarMilk Chocolate

Step 3:
Transfer your data from the table and represent it as a double bar graph. Make the graph on the poster board provided. Instead of drawing the bars, glue down the candy wrappers (leave your chocolate on the paper towel provided and you can eat it later!) Be sure your double bar graph has all of the necessary components.

GPS Addressed
M5D2. Students will collect, organize, and display data using the most appropriate graph.

Video Information
Use these questions to guide your thinking about some of the important teacher ideas in the lesson featured in the video clip.
  1. What kinds of questions does the teacher ask to promote students’ problem solving?
  2. How is the teacher gauging students’ current understandings and building from those understandings?
  3. Consider the GPS standards listed with this video.
  4. What makes this lesson different from lessons you have taught on this topic?

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