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DOE Initiatives to Support Student Achievement
The Georgia Department of Education, through Georgia Virtual School (GAVS), is working on several initiatives to support student achievement. Currently, these include a middle school math remediation course, credit recovery courses, AP course reviews, and a middle school technology assessment.

Middle School Remediation Course
The middle school math remediation course became available August 2007. With the implementation of the new math Georgia Performance Standards, schools need a plan for those students transferring in and/or those students who are not at the mastery level in 8th grade. The middle school math remediation course is a resource for teachers to use to assist students with acquiring the math skills they need before entering high school. It covers math standards for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades so that instruction can be individualized to fit various student needs.

This course is free to all schools and teachers. Interested schools and teachers should send an email to to request access to the course including their school name and district in the email request.

Credit Recovery Courses
In collaboration with the Office of School Improvement, GAVS is offering a series of credit recovery courses free to schools.  To be eligible for a credit recovery course, students must have previously failed the course. In addition, in order to participate in the credit recovery course program, schools must assign a local school facilitator for the course who will receive training on its implementation and monitoring.

In August, public schools had the opportunity to offer two online credit recovery courses to their students who have previously failed the courses: Algebra I, which was initially offered in June 2007, and Physical Science. In January 2008, 14 additional courses will be offered. For a full list of courses, visit the GAVS website at and click on Credit Recovery. Interested students should contact their local schools for more information.

AP Course Reviews
In order to help Georgia students more thoroughly prepare for the AP exams in spring, GAVS offers free AP practice exams in the following courses: Macroeconomics, Computer Science A, Psychology, U.S. Government, U.S. History, and Language and Composition. Each practice exam gives students background information concerning the test, including time limits for each section, and a full list of vocabulary terms they should know.  In addition, students have the ability to take a full practice exam and receive detailed feedback on their answer choices.
Students can register for these practice exams beginning in March 2008.  The exams are free of charge to students; however, there are a limited number of seats available, and registration is on a first come, first serve basis.  GAVS plans to expand its practice exam offerings for the 2007-08 school year to include four additional course reviews.

Middle School Technology Assessment
In collaboration with Title II-D, GAVS is developing three middle school technology assessments, consisting of 60 questions each, to help schools measure the technology literacy of their 8th graders as required by the state. Each test addresses the six ISTE standards and the proposed Technology Across the Curriculum standards. Students must demonstrate proficiency in all six ISTE standards in order to pass the technology assessment.

The tests are free of charge to the schools and will be available through the OAS system beginning December 1, 2007. Information concerning the tests will be available on the GAVS website,, by November 2.
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