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8th Grade Technology Literacy Update
Beginning in 2006-2007, as part of the NCLB Title II, Part D Enhancing Education Through Technology section, all school districts are required to assist every student in crossing the digital divide by ensuring that every student is technologically literate by the time the student finishes the eighth grade, regardless of the student's race, ethnicity, gender, family income, geographic location, or disability. Every school must document the technology literacy proficiency level of all eighth grade students. It is the responsibility of each LEA to develop the definition, criteria, and assessment, and then document the technology literacy proficiency level of each eighth grade student. Districts are expected to report the measures on an annual basis. Collection and review of this documentation began in the 2006-2007 school year and continues for the 2007-2008 school year. For this required documentation, every district should be prepared to report the following:
1. Method of assessment used by the school district to determine mastery/competency.
2. Number of students assessed on 8th Grade Tech Literacy skills.
3. Number of students who achieved mastery/competency on 8th Grade Tech Literacy skills.
4. Number of students who were NOT assessed on 8th Grade Tech Literacy skills.

The Technology Services DOE Division through the Georgia Virtual School resources is currently creating an optional assessment tool for use in Georgia schools. The assessment will be web-based and will be available to systems beginning December, 2007. This assessment tool is not mandatory; LEAs are responsible for choosing the most appropriate tool for their students. The Georgia Department of Education is creating this tool as one option available to schools. Each District and/or school is free to choose to utilize another assessment if they desire.

The GaDOE Office of Technology Services also developed a toolkit to assist school systems in determining how to assess student technology literacy. A district may choose more than one option to determine student technology literacy. This toolkit has cataloged specific tools for each category that could be used. This toolkit is in no way a complete list of available options of assessment tools. None of the products or services is endorsed by the GaDOE or the Office of Technology Services, and information about each of the tools is based on information from the vendor websites. The toolkit can be accessed at the following website:

In Georgia, the required reporting is facilitated through the annual Technology Inventory. The 2007-2008 Technology Inventory will be accessible from December 1, 2007 – February 15, 2008. Schools will be able to report their data and results during that time frame.

Questions may be directed to:
Dr. Peggy Norman, Director
Instructional Technology and Media
Georgia Department of Education

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