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“…it’s a peach of a document…”
GeorgiaStandards.Org shares Georgia’s pride in our new Georgia Performance Standards. Praise for these revised standards has been heard across every corner of the state from educators, parents, and community leaders.

Now the collaborative work of the teams who revised Georgia’s educational standards has garnered national attention and accolades with the August publication of The Thomas Fordham Institute’s report, “The State of State Standards 2006.” In this six year update on the evaluation of all 50 states’ academic standards it first reviewed in 2000, Georgia earns a #5 national ranking and is commended with comments such as: "States seeking strong models for world history standards should have Georgia on their minds."

GeorgiaStandards.Org proudly supports and displays a menu of those curriculum areas’ standards that have been phased-in. Not only is our state’s general public using GeorgiaStandards.Org as the place to access these standards, but now educators across the nation are looking to Georgia as a community reinforcing educational “best practices.” 

Read more about Georgia’s #5 national ranking from the Fordham Institute’s report and why it calls our revised science standards “…a peach of a document…”
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