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Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Access to the GPS: PowerPoint Presentations
Elluminate Training, 2/07/08 - Points to Remember and Assembling the GAA Portfolio Elluminate Training, 1/10/08 - Student Use of Adapted GPS Activities, presented by Core Access Teachers (CATs) Elluminate Training, 11/8/07 – Showing Progress for Students Across All Functioning Levels and Use of Timelines for GAA Portfolios Elluminate Training, 10/11/07 - Access to the Curriculum through Technology and Data Collection and Annotation Elluminate Training, 9/13/07 - Resources and Embedding IEP Skills into the Curriculum

Access to the GPS: Training Videos
Access to the GPS for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities:
A Change of Scenery
(Toni Waylor-Bowen, Ph.D and Jessie Moreau, M.Ed., NBCT)
The following files require Apple Quick Time. Click here for a free download of this player.
  1. Intoduction - Toni Waylor-Bowen
  2. Welcome & Introduction
  3. Fact or Fiction
  4. Question/Answer Non-Endorsement Statement
  5. Law of the Land
  6. Resource Guide
  7. Differentiated Instruction: Water Cycle
  8. Resouce Guide Appendices
  9. Introduction to GPS
  10. Activities and Materials to Access the GPS
  11. Alignment Spreadsheet
  12. Access to the GPS Through Student Activities
  13. Questions & Answers

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Access to the GPS: Worksheets
Access to the GPS: Rubrics
Access to the GPS: Data Sheets

Access to the GPS: Electronic Resource Board

Access to the GPS: Student Activities

Access to the GPS: Resource Guide

Access to the GPS: Student Video Clips

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